5 Ways to Level Up Faster in Crasher

Having played Crasher for a few months, I am now a level 98 Assassin. Many of you are searching and asking how to level up faster. This post is my personal leveling guide. If you have any questions, please drop a comment below.

When I first played as an Assassin, I am able to level up it in a week. Here are the tips on how to level up faster in Crasher.

  1. Dawn Blessing

From 12:00 to 12:30 PM (GMT+8) there is an event called Dawn Blessing. Do not miss this event because you can gain a massive amount of experience points for 30 minutes while doing nothing. Just go to Dawn City and get a full party on the same line. A full party can get you an additional 40% XP! But there’s more, Dawn Blessing event also gives you lucky keys that allow you to roll the lottery wheel where gems of different levels await you.

2. Non-stop Grinding

If you have the chance and the means to leave your character on the field to grind, do it! This will allow you to level up faster in Crasher and gain different items. ( Goddess’ Heart, Soul and XP dungeon keys and much more.) Join a team where all the members are on the same line and map to activate team buff. It can get you an additional 40% experience and gold drop increases up to 20%! Make sure your level gap from the monsters where you are grinding is not more than 10 levels. Beyond that, you can get no rewards.

3. Quests

Complete the daily, bounty and loop quest that offers huge XP and enhance stones. In the daily quest, you have to do some tasks like joining the arena and clearing team dungeons to complete it. Loop and bounty quests are missions where you have to kill a certain number of monsters in the field to complete.

In bounty quest, you are given 50 counts to claim rewards and 15 of these counts are free. When those free counts are used up, reward reels and night orbs are needed to claim the rewards. You can get these reels from little and big field bosses or you can buy them from the store. To use night orbs to reset the bounty quest rewards, just use a reward reel to add an available count then click refresh to reset.

bounty quest guide crasher

4. Mine

Do not forget to harvest your mine! Always aim and occupy higher level mines to maximize yield and make it easier for you to level up faster in Crasher. If you already have Wisdom and Light Goddesses, use them as guards because they have more  EXP and gold buff compared to others (10% vs 7%).  Occupy the purple or middle mine if you can. This will give you a higher amount of EXP and gold compared to lesser mines.

5. Dungeons

Collect EXP dungeon keys from field bosses and collect/redeem events.  Go to gameplay tab, resource dungeon and use these keys to enter the EXP dungeons. Make sure to kill enough mobs to attain the triple S score. You can also gain good XP by beating Soul and Tower dungeons.


Maximize the Worl level buff. When you are lower than the world level, Crasher offers EXP buff and additional EXP gain to daily and bounty tasks. The wider the level gap, more XP can be obtained while grinding on the field or doing quests. This technique of holding off your level can only be done once you reached level 70. You can stack you experience points up to 300% and has the ability to divert these points to your Ares soul. Keep in mind that if your character exceeds the World level, XP gains are also deducted in a certain percentage as a penalty.

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