Goddess Primal Chaos FAQs, Tips and Tricks

Here are the frequently asked questions about Goddess Primal Chaos MMORPG. This article can also serve as a repository of tips and tricks to survive the game as a newbie. You can also read the Goddess Primal Chaos Guide as a supplementary guide.

I am VIP0, what should I be spending recharge magic gems and bound magic gems on?

Answer: Level up embedded gems

What gems should I embed in my gear?

Answer: Purple Toughness on each gear – The higher the value the easier to Crit/Parry/Dodge – balance out the rest

If I’m doing a balanced hero build which slot do I put Minerva, Yuna, and Gabrielle?

Answer: Minerva is Deploy, Yuna is Endo and Gabriel is Exo for the ability to absorb damage before doing your special skills. Although for warriors it seems that Minerva as exo works better than Gabriel. They use Gabriel as deploy, Yuna as endo and Minerva as exo.

Which hero do I level up first?

Answer: Prioritize Exo and Endo and just do Deploy last but make sure to level them as close as possible to your character. Use merits to buy EXP fruit and Dragon Tooth for Breakthough – this is the secret to increase your power

Which hero do I enchant first?

Answer: Focus on both Endo and Exo

What is the priority list for leveling treasures (ie, core > sacred magic > sacred relic)?

Answer: Level ALL of these treasure to at least 30 and make sure to secure the gold fates in dungeons

As vip0, what’s the best way to level up?

Answer: Do all events, all lava from 9 am to 2 am and fight in arena to get extra gems

What are the best use(s) for stamina?

For Plunder, to create your fate fragments and to fight in the Arena

What is the priority list for training heroes and how should we train them?

Focus on Endo and Exo and balance out the whistle stats for both but don’t forget Deploy


What’s the best way to use incubation (ie, HP+HP or HP+BL or etc.)?

Critical, Toughness and Attack

What is the priority list for protection on heroes?

Balance is key, focus on Endo then Exo last would be deploy

What Heroes do I place as Knights?

When you see the heroes available in the egg area, there is a heart beside their heads that indicate if they can be a knight. However, before this happens, you have to set up your heroes depending on your power preference. Yuna-Minerva is the attack and critical setup – preferred by BL mostly but can still be used by warriors and summoners. Minerva-Yuna-Gabriel is the setup I recommend for everyone, it’s tough to beat and has power too! Yuna-Lucifer-Gabriel setup is the recommended one for summoner but Lucifer is pretty weak, however, he can be upgraded to Level 11 Hero Bellandry later on. Warriors now prefer the Gabriel, Yuna and Minerva set up, they said it was the best for them. You get to activate all your fates as you really want 3 different heroes for that so you can get all the add-on stats.

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