How to Increase Power in Crasher

Raising your power in Crasher is the essence of the game. While the character’s attributes (stats) are more important than power alone, it dictates your power ranking as well as your guild’s ranking. Some titles require you to be the most powerful (highest Power points) of your class to achieve them (Slayer, Bow Master, Berserker and Magic Master). There are a bunch of ways on how to raise power in Crasher. We will discuss on this guide the techniques on how to increase power in Crasher and top the rankings.

Tips to Raise Power in Crasher


Always aim for the highest grade of gear quality applicable for your level. Upon reaching level 60, you’ll be able to equip gold quality gears and activate the Seal. This will allow you to devour excess and unusable gold gears to upgrade the Seal attributes for each equipment. Enhancing these equips also adds power to your character. You can get enhance stones from resource war or buy them from the trading post.


Collecting, activating and upgrading those costumes will greatly increase your power in Crasher and improve your statistics. Keep in mind that a lot of unbound diamonds is needed to collect those fashion pieces. Only three costumes are available in the gold gear exchange store. You have to buy them with unbound diamonds or get them from events.


Like those fashion costumes, collecting and activating all the available pets costs a lot of unbound diamonds. Pets also need XP to level up. Allow them to fight or use Pet XP books to increase their level. Leveling up the pet also increase their attributes that also add power to the role. Increasing the pet’s skill level needs a huge amount of gold but it greatly adds power and statistics.


Equip the highest level supreme soul available (Courage, Guard, Tenacity and Glory). Get them from soul dungeon, team dungeon or buy the from the trading post. Use reforge potion to set your desired attributes and polish it with purify powder to increase stats.

Title System and Scores

Unlock these titles by satisfying their requirements. You can equip these titles one at a time enjoy its extra effects. Some titles can be won thru events or thru power ranking.

Wings and Arms

Increasing the wings and arms rank raises power and statistics. It also opens the skill slot. The higher the rank, more slots can be opened. When upgrading the wings and arms, you need wing soul or arms upgrade stone. These items can be bought from the trade, bound diamond store, redeem store or can be looted from resource war. Upgrading the wings or arms requires luck as the Star Up EXP can be as high as +50 or as low as +10.


To upgrade the Goddesses’ level, you need lots of Goddess Heart, Crystal of Goddess, Goddess Tear and tons of gold. Get these items from the Trade, Redeem Store or can be looted in resource war and field monsters. Upgrade Goddess level to meet the requirements of Goddess Tie. Activating the Tie can get you a lot of power points and stats boosts.

Guild Skill

Every guild skill level gives you 100 power points per upgrade. The upgrade limit depends on your guild level. To upgrade guild skill, you need guild contribution points and gold.

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