The Best Classes to Start in Crasher

As with any MMORPG, choosing your start-up character in Crasher is the biggest decision you have to make. The role you will choose has the significant influence on the experience you will have in the game. For now, there are four playable classes in the game, the Warrior, Mage, Archer, and Assassin. Each class has their own advantages and disadvantages. This guide will identify these attributes and help you pick the one that suits your play style.

best character in crasher


Warriors are well known in every MMORPGs for their defense and massive HP. It can take a lot of damage and can also give devastating blows to the enemy whether it is a PVE boss or a player in a PVP. But unfortunately, using the warrior as your starting role may spoil your gaming experience. While they have attacks that deal massive damage and can block incoming frontal attacks, warriors lack range and speed to keep pace in DPS. You will find it hard to top in boss hunts and score last hits. Farming with the warrior class can be a frustrating experience if you do not have the right party to go with. Some players say that warriors are late bloomers. They tend to do well when you reached 90 and beyond.

Warrior class crasher


Mages have a very big advantage when it comes to farming in the field or in guild wars as they have the range, high damage output and a huge area of damage. They can kill their enemies from afar that will allow you to grind efficiently. Mages are also good in 3vs3 or 5vs5 PVP as they can suck multiple enemies and make life easier for the team.

But being the best damage dealer in the game has one major disadvantage; it has a very poor defense. To compensate for its low defense, mages have a skill that allows them to teleport for a short distance and evade incoming attacks. When starting the game as a mage, we advise not to play it in auto at first but as equipment and stats improve, you can leave it on the field to grind.

Mage Class crasher


Archers are the most ubiquitous class in Crasher as they are good in farming, PVP and boss hunts. It is a good class to start with as they have a good balance of offense, defense, speed and most importantly, the range. They are excellent to use in the Arena as they can defeat enemies even if they have higher power points. Archers are also good to use in guild wars as they can do artillery barrages to enemies from a safe distance. Fighting an archer in PVP is quite annoying as they have a trap skill that stuns targets and inflicts damage over time.

Archer Class Crasher


Along with Archers, Assassins are the most common characters you will see in the Crasher universe. A perfect class for boss hunts and PVP as they are the master of close quarter combats and maybe the highest DPS of the game. They can also deal the highest number of critical attacks due to the high critical rate. Assassin’s attacks are very fast and have some decent AOE. Some say it is not good in farming but I say otherwise. I also find them exciting to use. Assassin is also a great character to start with but with a steeper learning curve than Archer.

Assassin Class Archer


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