How to Top Up Crasher Using Load

Crasher is not a pay-to-win game because you can also excel in-game without paying a single centavo but you can get a head start if you got unbound diamonds. But for people who have money to pay but no time to spare, doing top-ups is the way to go. This guide will show you how to top up Crasher using load either Globe or Smart as most of us do not have a credit card or having a hard time looking for game cards.

How to Top Up Crasher Using Load

Buying unbound diamonds in Crasher has never been easier since Globe and Smart allowed payments using our airtime credits. Just follow the instructions carefully. They are just plain and simple.

  1. Using your phone or computer, go to the Crasher website then log in your in-game credentials (Account name and password).
  2. Go to the payment page to begin to top up. You’ll see a page like this:top up crasher using load
  3. On the Country drop-down menu, choose the Philippines.
  4. Choose your operating system either Android or iOS.
  5. Select Crasher on the Game drop-down menu.
  6. Choose your server and role from the Server and Role selections.
  7. Top up Crasher using Load by clicking¬†Easy2Pay DCB menu. Your top up amount selection will appear. Choose the amount then click the top up button. You’ll be redirected to the EasytoPay up crasher using globe load
  8. Select your network to purchase the desired amount of diamonds.
  9. Enter your mobile number from Globe or Smart then click proceed.
  10. Wait for the confirmation text message that contains the PIN then go back to EasytoPay site to confirm.

Buying diamonds and top up Crasher using Load from Globe or Smart is just a piece of cake. No credit card or game cards needed. Just load up your mobile and it is good to go. Game on!

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